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    Mission Statement
    Inspired by the mission of Christ in John's Gospel, who came that they may have life and have it to the full (Jn 10:10), Mount Carmel School is passionately committed to:

    Being an institution that witnesses to the Gospel in spirit and in truth (Jn 4:23).

    Upholding the dignity of every child in the school, knowing quite well that whoever receives these little ones receives the Lord Himself (Mt 18:5)

    Cresting every contact with the students with a personal and affective touch through a genuine respect of their peculiarities, varied family background and individual traits, making the School a place where all will be friends, all will be loved, all will be helped and all will be held dear (WP 4,7).

    Fostering the holistic development of every child and preparing them for life in the society Nurturing and promoting the Catholic ethos of the school through the celebration of the Eucharist on special solemnities and the observance of other liturgical practices when it is convenient.

    Enkindling in the students reverence for the Catholic faith and deepening their personal life of prayer through exposure to Catholic doctrine Cultivating a family ambience within the school by breaking the barriers of age, office, tribe, religion and ethnic group

    Creating a conducive atmosphere where teaching and learning would flourish by promoting the values of justice, equity, hard work and integrity

    Building students into prospective statesmen, leaders, educationists, industrialists, proprietors of small and big firms and pillars of the nation.

    Vision Statement
    To be a leading institution nationwide in the formation of creative, independent, enterprising and God-fearing students with a deep reverence for the sacred, a personal appreciation for the Catholic faith and values, and a great respect for human dignity, cultural diversity and religious plurality.