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Our History

    Mount Carmel School is established and owned by the Disclaced Carmelites who invited the Religious of Jesus and Mary to be responsible for the school. The Nursery and Primary School was officially blessed on the 22nd September 2001 by the Archbishop of the Archidiocese of Benin City Rt. Rev. Dr. P. Ekpu, and opened by Mrs. I. Lynch, in the presence of Mr. Joseph Lyncnh the Ambassador of Ireland to Nigeria.

    Mount Carmel Secondary School is a private Catholic institution which welcomes children of different religious beliefs and backgrounds. The school caters for young boys and girls who have completed their Primary Education. The Junior Secondary School-year 1- started on September 20th 2004. Both the Order of Disclaced Carmelites and the Religious of Jesus and Mary belong to International Institutions within the Catholic Church.

    The religious of Jesus and Mary have a long rich tradition which extends over a century and a half in the Apostolate of Catholic Education in different parts of the world, and now in Nigeria. Wherever the sisters are involved in education they are imbued with the vision of their foundress St. Claudine Thevenet who urged the sisters;
    To go out to others with the heart of a Mother, with a heart that can love in truth, this in synthesis in her pedagogy.

    This education based on love will make it transmit values which tends towards the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate goal (G.E.). These values can be summed up as loving faith, responsible liberty, social responsibility, values which are fundamental to-day and open to the perspective of tomorrow. (ENJM No. 37) .